Twitter index: 'Camp Rock 3,' Liam Payne's dog

On Tuesday, April 16, Twitter users are discussing the original "Camp Rock" movie and rumors surrounding the latest installment in the franchise "Camp Rock" and asking a dog with a make-believe Twitter account to follow them.  

"Camp Rock" is a 2008 Disney production featuring musicians The Jonas Brothers and American singer/songwriter Demi Lovato. The movie follows the lives of tweens from different backgrounds who all attend the fictional Camp Rock to further their dreams of becoming professional singers. Rumors are circulating on Twitter that the third installment in the franchise will not, unlike "Camp Rock 2," feature The Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato.

The rumors do not appear to have been confirmed by Disney and appear, for the moment at least, to be confined to Twitter. However, that is not stopping fans of The Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato from venting their anger. Microblogger Shoug tweets "seriously disney ? filming camp rock 3 but without demi and the jonas brothers okay this is the end of the world i'm done," while Shavira Puri writes "camp rock 3 without demi and jonas brother? R U RETARDED" and Twitter user Mira U Sinko exclaims "WTF!? Camp Rock 3 without Demi and the Jonas Brothers? !"

Twitter users are also talking about the original "Camp Rock," currently playing on the Disney Channel in certain geographic regions.

Meanwhile, the top trending topic on Twitter is "#PayneLokiFollowMe." Fans of the band One Direction, and in particular member Liam Payne, are campaigning for his dog, Loki, who unsurprisingly has his own Twitter account, to follow them on the microblogging site.

Outside of the tween universe some microbloggers are discussing an earthquake that struck the Iran/Pakistan border earlier today. The earthquake was of a reported magnitude of 7.8.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 16 at 12:30 pm GMT are: 

01.    #PayneLokiFollowMe
02.    #WelcomeToMySchoolWhere
03.    #OneLoveOneShineMandaSkatic
04.    #ZaynDirectionersAreAlwaysHereForYou
05.    Iran-Pakistan
06.    #TEENTOPhangout
07.    Martin Richard
08.    Camp Rock
09.    CDI
10.    России