Twitter index: happy birthday Lohanthony, Europa League

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On Friday, May 24, Twitter users are wishing a happy birthday to vlogger Anthony Spears and discussing the changes to football competition the Champions League that would see Europa Cup winners automatically awarded a spot in the competition.

On Friday, May 24, microbloggers are taking to Twitter to wish a happy birthday to vlogger Anthony Spears, better known as Lohanthony, after his YouTube channel ( The young vlogger, whose videos regularly get over 100,000 views, vlogs about a wide variety of topics, from bullying to Facebook, and has nearly 500,000 followers of his Twitter account, @Lohanthony. He has been careful of not revealing his actual age despite promoting his birthday in his most recent video.

Elsewhere European football fans are buzzing about the forthcoming changes in European football competitions the Europa League and the Champions League, both of which are played between select teams throughout Europe.

Essentially the changes mean that, from 2015, the club that wins the Europa League will automatically be granted a spot in the more prestigious Champions League, where as previously even if a team won the Europa League it would then have to qualify for the Champions League the following season. The move by European football's governing body, UEFA, is widely being seen as an attempt to boost the profile, and importance, of the Europa League, which arguably is often looked up as a secondary honor to the Champions League.

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