Twitter index: Justin Bieber teases the release of new single "Boyfriend"

Will Justin Bieber be named 'most popular music social artist' at the "Social Star Awards"?

Microbloggers are getting excited about the release of Justin Bieber’s soon to be released single "Boyfriend."

A tweet by the Canadian musician Bieber -- "#2WEEKS #14DAYS = all that matters is the MUSIC. #BOYFRIEND" -- has inspired the first two hashtags on Twitter, “#14days” and “2weeks.” Bieber fans are also firing back at people who say they hate the teenage star with sixth place term “RIP Haters of Justin Bieber.”

Yesung, a member of the Korean pop group Super Junior, informed his fans that his father has opened a new eyewear shop called Why Style and told them that they should “GoGo.”

“Hello Monday,” say Tweeps who are welcoming the start of the working week.

“#ItsNotARealRelationshipUntil” is in third place and the name of Cleveland Indians baseball player “Carlos Santana” is in eighth place.

Tweeps are talking about the general election in El Salvador with fifth place term “El Salvador TT” and seventh place term “Salvadoreños.”

“Sarkozy's threat to leave the Schengen zone is ridiculous. Border control could be stricter but the Schengen Agreement is vital to the EU,” tweet microbloggers commenting on French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s calls to have France withdraw from the Schengen zone unless “more is done to stop illegal immigration.”

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 12 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #14days (new)
  2. #2WEEKS (new)
  3. #ItsNotARealRelationshipUntil (new)
  4. WHY STYLE GoGo (new)
  5. El Salvador TT (new)
  6. RIP Haters of Justin Bieber (new)
  7. Salvadoreños (new)
  8. Carlos Santana (new)
  9. Hello Monday (new)
  10. Schengen (new)