Twitter index: Zane Lowe's Glastonbury mishap gets Twitter users fired up

Beyonce performs during the last day of the Glastonbury Festival

Twitterers are trashing (and applauding) Radio DJ and TV presenter "Zane Lowe" for not sticking around to watch Beyonce's "ground-breaking" Glastonbury performance.

During live TV coverage of the event on the UK's BBC, co-host Lauren Laverne asked what he thought of Beyonce's set. Lowe mockingly laughed and admitted he went to see the Queens of the Stone Age instead.

"Zane Lowe could have saved himself the last, horrible 30 mins of his life if he'd just said 'I didn't see it. How was she?'" tweet hoards of microbloggers.

However, not everyone on Twitter is so upset over the mishap."Newsflash: Zane Lowe says what he really thinks, rather than repeating the words 'awesome,' 'seminal' and 'incredible' over and over," posted one Twitter user.

Tweeps are posting about how people can make their cities more sustainable with Twitter's number one topic on the morning of June 27, "#GreenCity."

The hashtags "#waystoirritateme, "#ineedtostop" and "#freeass" fill the following three spots on Twitter's trending topics.

"Nigel Thornberry," a character from American animated TV series The Wild Thornberrys, is in fifth place, the name of American actor "Corbin Bleu" is in sixth place and "Billie Jean," the name of a song by Michael Jackson is in eighth place.

Microbloggers are posting a picture of what they believe is American rapper "Mike Jones" and commenting that "he could not have lost all that weight naturally."

The name of Argentinian football team "River Plate" is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 27 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #GreenCity (promoted)
  2. #waystoirritateme (new)
  3. #ineedtostop (new)
  4. #freeass (new)
  5. Nigel Thornberry (new)
  6. Corbin Bleu (new)
  7. Zane Lowe (new)
  8. Billie Jean (new)
  9. Mike Jones (new)
  10. River Plate (new)