Twitter suspends Amos Yee’s account after his disturbing pro-pedophilia tweets get reported

Having his YouTube channel pulled down and main Facebook page deleted did nothing at all to make disgraced Singaporean vlogger Amos Yee reflect on his thoughts and actions. Twitter was the last bastion for the 19-year-old to blast his warped pro-pedophilia sentiments onto the world, but that’s now gone too.

Yee’s Twitter account was (finally) suspended last Saturday after a series of perturbing tweets that advocated pedophilia. Literally, his bio read “I defend Pedophiles publicly on the Internet” with a top banner image proclaiming “Pedo Pride”.

@a1second / Twitter

Though his tweets have been troubling before, it took a picture of a pre-teen girl to get his account reported and suspended. Twitter has been known to be remarkably slow in policing content on its platform and pull the trigger on banning toxic users, but this tweet was the final straw.

@BTBH_IsraelDope / Twitter

Folks have been up in arms over that appalling post and his concerning activities in the past — including running a server chat group on messaging app Discord for pedophiles and anyone sympathetic to the pro-pedophilia cause.

The teen has had a peculiar path in infamy — from being an individual championing free speech in Singapore to a revolting activist for pedophiles. After scoring refugee status and settling down in the United States last year, it was initially believed that Yee would continue his political activism by putting out even more videos criticizing the Singapore government. But his newfound in expressing whatever his wee heart desired turned into a troubling campaign to defend pedophilia. Yee truly believes that the age of consent should be abolished, and he remains genuinely perplexed on why believers of free speech aren’t taking his side.

The Discord server

One can’t dismiss Yee’s seriousness in his twisted campaign to advocate pedophilia. He co-founded a “pedo-friendly” server on Discord, urging his supporters to join the group, where lessons on pedophilia are conducted. He outrightly stated that he was recruiting people to the cause and was even planning to gather pro-pedophilia activists from around the world.

Twitter screengrab

Thankfully, that shitshow got canceled recently, with Discord shutting down the server as well as the accounts of everyone involved in it.

Twitter screengrab

Presumably, the only public platform left for Yee is Facebook, where he operates a page under the pseudonym of “Bob Wallace”. He hasn’t been active on the page of late, though he has posted arguments against the age of consent before.

Facebook screengrab

From Tumblr to Twitter

Yee’s surge of pro-pedophilia activities on Twitter should not come to a surprise for those familiar with the platform’s recent issues.

Microblogging site Tumblr recently announced that it would be permanently banning all adult content from its platform in a massive move against child pornography, which was found on its service before. This, however, resulted in a wave of pedophiles moving to Twitter, with accounts popping up in search of a pedophilia-friendly community. In an enlightening yet startling thread, Twitter user @daeggukie outlined the ways pedophiles are disguising themselves in plain sight with the use of secret acronyms, terms, and emojis.

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