Twitter users share heartwarming stories of people using BM to communicate with each other

Tan Mei Zi
Penang students jump for joy in front of the national flag made out of recycled mineral water bottles. — Bernama pic

PETALING JAYA, Sept 6 — The national language isn’t just a source of pride for many Malaysians.

It can also save us in a pinch whenever communication barriers pop up, even when amongst members of the same race.

Twitter user Azfavrovski recently shared his experience of witnessing two Malaysian Chinese men conversing in Malay after discovering that neither of them could communicate in any other shared language.

“One couldn’t speak English, the other couldn’t speak Mandarin, so they settled for Malay,” he wrote.



The post has gone viral with more than 7,300 retweets so far, prompting other Malaysians to share anecdotes of non-Malays using the national language to speak with each other.

Malaysian Chinese Twitter user G_Kay5 explained how she once visited an elderly Chinese lady and ended up talking in Malay with her since they both couldn’t understand each other’s Chinese dialects.



A similar incident occurred when moeenuddin_ witnessed an Indian doctor-patient duo speaking in Malay after English and Tamil failed to provide a middle ground for them.



What’s more, it’s not just our fellow countrymen who have turned to Bahasa Malaysia to break down language barriers.

Twitter user VRoce_R even recalled seeing a Japanese man and Caucasian man conversing in Malay after realising that it was the only common language that tied them to each other.


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