Twitter wants to use your friends to boost its Spaces tool

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Twitter unveiled a new way to highlight Spaces at the very top of the news feed this August 24.

Could your friends be the key to discovering a new audio room on Twitter? To better boost its Spaces tool, the social network is banking on the influence of the people a user follows on the platform. It may soon be possible to see which audio room your friends are in.

To encourage its users to try out its Spaces tool, Twitter keeps coming up with new features. This August 24, the social network unveiled a new test for some users that will allow them to know if any of the people they follow are attending an audio event at that particular moment. Not yet in place, this interface will only be available to certain Twitter users on both the iOS and Android apps: "we're experimenting with ways to help you discover more Spaces. for some of you on iOS and android, if someone you follow is listening to a Space, you'll see it at the top of your tl; you can control who can see your listening activity in your settings. send us your thoughts!" read the Twitter account for Spaces.

Users will still be able to choose to hide their activity in Spaces to avoid followers knowing which room they're participating in on the platform. They will simply have to disable the option by going to "Settings" and then to "Privacy and Safety." Despite this change, users present in an audio room will still be able to see the people participating in the Space.

Twitter had already put Spaces at the top of the News Feed on the application, replacing Fleets, the Twitter Story format that was discontinued in early August. At first, users could only see Spaces animated by someone they already followed on the social network.

Increasingly, Twitter is rolling out new features and options to make its Spaces tool more attractive and practical for the user, such as the possibility of having several co-hosts, and making it more visible with a special tab.

Sabrina Alili

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