Two boys flung from car in shocking expressway traffic accident unharmed, police say (VIDEO)

Two young boys were miraculously unharmed following a terrifying weekend accident that saw them both flung from their mother’s vehicle while traveling along Malaysia’s North-South Expressway near Juru, Penang.

Dashcam footage of the incident was uploaded online from another vehicle, and has since gone viral. The camera indicates that the accident happened on Saturday, Nov. 15, at around noon.

In the clip, two cars are visible in the foreground, a red car in the right lane, and a black car in the middle lane. As the red vehicle is overtaking the black car, which was being driven by the children’s mother, it suddenly loses control and crashes into the black car. Both vehicles then veer into the guardrail on the right side of the highway, with the two young boys thrown from the black vehicle upon impact. (It’s unclear exactly how, but in the video, it appears the rear door may have swung open.)

Shockingly, as both vehicles come to a stop in the roadway, the boys can be seen standing up, if a bit dazed, as their mother and another sibling run from the car to comfort them.

Police have since confirmed the incident, saying that the two boys, 11 and 13, were seated in the back at the time of the accident and were unharmed in the crash. Their sister was in the passenger side, and was also unhurt.

The driver of the other vehicle was reported to be a female Chinese national, who suffered injuries to her neck and legs. Her two children were traveling in the car with her, but were luckily not injured.

Well, all’s well that ends more or less well – but y’all, don’t forget to wear your seat belts!

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