Two brothers nabbed after attack with axes on war veterans checking military registration documents

In Bukovina, men with axes beat TCC employees
In Bukovina, men with axes beat TCC employees

A court has imposed a pre-trial restraint of custody without bail on two men who attacked military commissariat employees in Chernivtsi Oblast with axes, news agency Ukrinform reported on March 11 with reference to the police of Chernivtsi Oblast.

"As for the detained men, at the request of the investigators, the court imposed a pre-trial restriction of detention without the right to bail," the police said.

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The pre-trial investigation is currently ongoing under Part 4 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism committed with weapons).

The sanction of the article provides for up to seven years in prison. The investigation also does not rule out additional qualifications of the incident.

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In the mountain village of Ploska near the Horlecha checkpoint, two men attacked military commissariat employees at a checkpoint on March 6. The driver of a VAZ car first ran over a representative of the military commissariat, then got out of the car and hit him in the forearm with the butt of an ax. Another man, also with an ax, hit the serviceman in the shoulder.

Valeriy Polyanchuk, head of the Selyatyn municipality in Chernivtsi Oblast, noted that the son of one of the men who attacked the military commissariat workers went missing in action. The attackers are brothers, Polyanchuk said.

The spokeswoman for the regional military commissariat, Tetiana Haydashchuk, told reporters that the workers were transferred from combat units, and one of them was wounded at the front. The soldiers were attacked after they wanted to check the brothers’ military registration documents.

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