Two’s company, three is a crowd: Sibu threesome goes dangerously awry

A weekend tryst ended under almost deadly circumstances after a Sibu, Sarawak couple and their bedroom plus one engaged in a threesome that almost left the second woman dead.

Police say that the suspect in the case is the man’s wife, a 46-year-old woman who works in a coffee shop, was arrested shortly after she fled the scene. While the 34-year-old victim arrived at a nearby hospital in critical condition over massive blood loss due to being stabbed in her vagina, doctors report that she has now stabilized.

On Sunday evening, the 28-year-old husband, who works as an assistant lorry driver, is alleged to have broached the subject with his wife of having his “girlfriend,” the victim, come over to the couple’s rented room to “chat.” Police say that at the time, the suspect promised she would not “cause any trouble.”

While the husband is said to have drunk an alcoholic beverage, the two women stayed sober, and the trio eventually agreed to take the scene up a notch by engaging in a threesome.

Shortly after having sex with her husband, the suspect told the two that she needed to use the bathroom, and left the room, leaving the victim and the man having sex. She returned brandishing a knife, and subsequently stabbed the woman.

Terrified, the man ran to tell his brother – who was renting another room in the house — what had happened, and he then went to apprehend the suspect, who had left the scene.

It is reported that the couple were married in traditional Islamic customs seven years ago, while the victim herself is married with four children. Her husband is currently working outstation at a logging company in rural Borneo.



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