Two men killing a cat by putting it in a dryer

Mohd Azam Shah Yaacob

GOMBAK: Sometimes, humans are worse than animals. Two individuals at a self-service laundry who were caught on a video for putting a cat, a pregnant one of that, in a dryer are the living proofs of that statement.

In the shocking incident at around 12.30am, the two men were caught doing the horrible act through the CCTV at the shop. In the 2-minute-50-second-long video shared by Malaysia Animal Association, the two suspects were using the laundry service and one of them picked up a cat from under the table before putting the feline in the dryer.

The two men then left with their clean laundry but came back a few seconds later to put coins into the dryer.

After hitting the ‘start’ button, they both left the premises. Another customer, who came to the laundry at around 10.30am, found the cat dead and the machine splattered with blood.

Malaysia Animal Association president Arie Dwi Andika said the association condemned the cruelty and had lodged a police report.

He said the customer who found the dead cat immediately informed the laundry operator.

“A thorough check on the CCTV recording showed three men at the shop, but only the two men were involved in the horrible act.

Arie said the laundry shop management contacted the association for advice before lodging a police report together with the video evidence.

He also added that the association had lodge a report with the enforcement division of Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia for further action.

“Based on the information gathered, the two are locals and probably live nearby as they wash their laundry there regularly.

“What they did was cruel. I hope they will be punished accordingly under the Animal Welfare Act 2015,” Arie said.

Meanwhile, Gombak district police chief Assistant Commissioner Samsor Maarof when contacted confirmed the report.

He said police were on a hunt for the suspects and the case was being investigated under Section 428 of the Penal Code for killing or maiming any animal. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd