Two off-service SMRT buses collide

Two SMRT buses collided in Woodlands on Monday morning, resulting in one of the bus drivers getting injured, reported Channel NewsAsia.
The two off-service buses, services 178 and 857, were heading back to Woodlands Depot at Woodlands Industrial Park when they got into an accident along Woodlands Avenue 9, opposite Block 876, said the broadcaster.
As the buses were off service, no passengers were on board at the time of the incident.
SMRT told CNA that its Bus Operation Control Centre was immediately alerted to the incident.
The bus collision is the latest incident involving SMRT buses.
Just last month, a woman fell into a coma after falling down in an SMRT bus after the bus driver had suddenly jammed the bus brakes, causing her to fall.
During December’s train breakdowns, there was also reports that SMRT ferry service bus drivers lost their way.