Two-year-old Odisha Boy Sets Records for Naming Countries, Ministers in Seconds

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Odisha’s Mrutyunjay Nayak, nicknamed Subham, has featured in the Indian Book of Record and set a Kalam World Book record at the mere age of two years and nine months. This is because of his unique ability to name several countries, Union Territories, capitals, cities and continents, in the span of only a few seconds. He set the two records on account of his sharp memory and intelligence, drawing praises from all quarters. He is also able to name the Prime Ministers, the Councils of ministers and currencies of different countries. He is not only a master of general knowledge but is also able to recite the Shlokas and mantras fluently. Subham’s father Pratap Nayak said, “We observed his abilities during the lockdown. He has a sharp memory, and we prepared him accordingly.”

During the lockdown, he started learning the alphabets and the numbers. His parents came to recognise his powerful memory from the very first day. The toddler is a voracious reader– reading whatever he can– and attempts exams spontaneously. “He absorbs all things easily. I taught him the names of countries, their capitals, important leaders, and he remembered all perfectly. We teach him as per what interests him,” said Subam’s mother Dipanjali Nayak. Subham is the only one to feature in the Kalam World Book of Record from Odisha, from the under-five-years age group. He is currently training his eye on the Asian Book of Record.

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