Two passenger planes make accidental contact in Japan

 (ANNnewsCH / YouTube)
(ANNnewsCH / YouTube)

Two passenger planes accidentally came into contact at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Saturday morning, local reports said.

There were no injuries reported.

One of the four runways at the airport was temporarily closed due to the incident which reportedly occured at around 11.00am local time.

The two planes — Thai Airways and Taiwan’s Eva Airways — came into close contact on the runway which reportedly led to the chipping of the wing of the Thai Airways plane.

The Japan Times quoted a passenger on Eva Airways as saying that there had been an “impact” while the plane was waiting for departure.

“Part of the wing of the Thai Airways plane was chipped,” the passenger said.

The broadcaster NHK aired footage of the two passenger planes on the ground. It confirmed that part of the wing of the Thai Airways plane appeared to be broken.

The parts of the chipped wing could be seen on the ground.

There were 260 people on board Thai Airways and 200 were aboard the Eva Airways aircraft, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Local media reported that some of the other flights from Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways [ANA] were delayed due to the incident.