Two people killed in new Russian airstrike on critical infrastructure in Kherson

The occupiers continue to shell Kherson
The occupiers continue to shell Kherson

Russian forces conducted an airstrike on a critical infrastructure site in Kherson on Oct. 15, Roman Mrochko, the Chief of Kherson’s Military Administration, has reported on Telegram.

Earlier, a powerful explosion was reported in Kherson, resulting in widespread power outages in various parts of the city and disruptions in the water supply.

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Later, Mrochko revealed that, based on preliminary information, Russian forces executed two airstrikes with a 30-minute interval, employing two guided aviation bombs from a Su-34 aircraft targeting the city’s critical infrastructure.

The Russian army fired 622 shells at Kherson Oblast in the preceding day, reported Oleksandr Prokudin, Chairman of Kherson Oblast Military Administration. Two people were killed as a result of the Russian shelling, with an additional two sustaining injuries.

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This incident follows a previous attack on Beryslav in Kherson Oblast on Oct. 14, during which a 60-year-old woman was killed.

Prokudin had previously issued a call for families with children to evacuate Kherson Oblast due to the extremely dangerous situation.

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