Two pre-schools under investigation for allegedly ill-treating children

Photos on WeChat showing alleged mistreatment of children at a childcare centre in Singapore. Photos: WeChat

Two Singapore childcare centres are currently being investigated by the authorities for alleged ill-treatment of children under their care, according to media reports. One case involves alleged unhygienic practices while the other involves alleged physical abuse.

One of the centres under investigation is located in River Valley, believed to be Sam’s Early Learning Centre.

In photos posted on Chinese social media site WeChat on 15 Feb, a post alleged that children at the centre were fed rotten fruit, made to sleep on the floor without mattresses and were left unsupervised.

One photo also showed a child sleeping in a cot next to a dirty diaper. The child’s legs were also soiled with excrement.

In a separate incident, an 18-month-old boy’s mother wrote two online postings about alleged physical abuse at a Sparkletots childcare centre at 19 Teck Whye Lane. Sparketots is managed by the PAP Community Foundation (PCF).

The woman said in Facebook posts under the name Mel Da on 10 Feb and 11 Feb that she noticed bruises on her son’s legs, forehead and back after a week. She also claimed she saw a teacher holding her son by his ankles and that the teacher pressed her elbow on his back.

She said the principal and teacher apologised for the incident, but she withdrew her son from the school after discovering another bruise on his stomach.

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) said it is aware of both cases. PCF said it takes a serious view of the incident and has reported the matter to relevant authorities. 

ECDA says it is investigating the alleged incidents at Sam’s Early Learning Centre. It also said that it is working with the Sparkletots centre to “ensure the safety and well-being of the other children at the centre”.

Police reports have also been lodged over both incidents.