Two Severe Forms of Dengue Fever Cause Deaths, Say Experts

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Cases of dengue and viral fever among children are increasing across several states. Over 2,500 cases of dengue and viral fever have been recorded in several states including Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. More than 100 people, mostly children, have died due to mosquito-borne diseases. Though cases of dengue fever are reported every year during the monsoon season, this year cases of two severe forms of dengue fever — Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)– are being reported, according to medical experts.

DSS and DHF are the reasons behind the increase in the number of deaths of patients with mosquito-borne diseases, said experts.

Professor Mridul Chaturvedi, the nodal officer of dengue in SN Medical College, Agra said, “It has been seen that people did not die due to dengue fever, but this year, two dengue-related diseases –DSS and DHF are responsible for most of the deaths.”

“These two diseases are being found in most of the cases in SN Medical College. These are severe forms of dengue fever and due to inadequate treatment patients are dying even before reaching hospitals,” he added.

Prof Chaturvedi said that according to medical science, there are three types of dengue fever — Classical (simple) dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome (DSS).

“As far as common or mild dengue is concerned, it gets cured on its own at home after proper diet. While both DHF and DSS are fatal for the patients. The treatment of both these diseases is possible only in the hospital,” he said.

DSS occurs in the second and third stages of dengue fever. It starts when the patient’s fever does not subside for several days and Lips start turning blue. Red rashes emerge on the skin. In this disease, the patient’s nervous system starts deteriorating and he/she almost comes into a state of shock.

DHF occurs when a patient suffers from bleeding in the blood arteries. Dark blue or black colored large patches appear on the skin in this dengue fever.

Dr Himanshu Mishra, an epidemiologist posted in UP’s Mathura, said that dengue shock syndrome and dengue hemorrhagic fever are so dangerous that children are dying within a day after being exposed to them.

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