Two teenagers arrested after snatching phones on bikes in City of London

Two teenagers were arrested for phone snatching on Fleet Street (Jeremy Selwyn)
Two teenagers were arrested for phone snatching on Fleet Street (Jeremy Selwyn)

A pair of teenagers have been arrested for phone snatching after one crashed their bike into a taxi in the City of London.

Two 15-year-olds, who were both riding bikes, were arrested in Fleet Street on Tuesday for theft, criminal damage and driving offences.

Police were called to the scene following the crash and the teenagers were found with multiple mobile phones that are suspected to have been stolen.

London has been hit by a spree of similar incidents in recent months, with the capital’s Victims’ Commissioner warning that muggings were leaving victims suffering from long-term trauma and creating fear in public spaces.

Claire Waxman also warned that the muggings could have a “serious impact on a person’s sense of safety”.

The menace was brought into sharp focus when a prolific mugger riding a high speed e-bike was brought to justice. Sonny Stringer, 28, from Islington, snatched mobile phones from 24 people in a day-long crime spree across central London.

He was caught when police made “tactical contact” with the rear wheel of his bike and knocked him off.

The Government’s policing minister, Chris Philp, has also echoed Ms Waxman’s call as he warned that phone muggings in the capital were “far too high” despite declines in such offending elsewhere in the country.

City of London Police spokesperson said: "This is another example of our focus on detecting, arresting and bringing to justice those who steal from people on our streets.

"Phone snatching has a significant impact on victims and our key priority has been to reduce the number of phones stolen and relentlessly target those criminals responsible.

"We’d urge members of the public to be aware of their surroundings when using mobile phones on the streets. If you use your phone, stand away from the curb and where possible have your back against a wall or shop front.”