Two-thirds of Malacca rape cases involved minors

Kelly Koh

MALACCA: Two-thirds of rape cases reported between 2012 and last year in Malacca involved children.

Many of the victims consented to having sex, but the cases were deemed statutory rape due to their age.

These were the startling facts revealed by police on the rise of cases involving children.

State Criminal Investigations Department chief Assistant Commissioner Kamaluddin Kassim pinned the problem on the lack of parental supervision.

“Suspects are usually boy-friends who are also students befriended by victims either from the same school or other schools.

“Without close supervision by parents or their boyfriends’ parents, they are bolder in pursuing sexual exploits,” he said.

Kamaluddin also revealed most rape cases took place either at the victims’ or suspects’ homes.  

He said this year, there were 12 child sex abuse cases recorded from January to March 19.

“All the 12 victims were not coerced to having sex,” he said, adding that this was a three-fold increase compared with only four cases recorded last year.

Between 2012 and last year, there were 423 rape cases reported in the state, of which 76.6 per cent, or 324 cases, involved minors or girls under 16.

“In some cases, victims were lured through social media messaging platforms. It is important for parents to keep an eye on their children’s mobile phone usage to prevent them from becoming unsuspecting rape victims. 

“There are cases where children were left to fend for themselves without parental care.

“Some students only return home at night and are not questioned by their parents, who either didn’t bother or were out.”

He said police had taken proactive measures to prevent social ills among schoolchildren. Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department are regularly sent to schools to give talks and counselling.