What’s the Congressional Sneaker Caucus: The Bipartisan Footwear Movement That Brings Members of Congress Together, Explained

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A new caucus on Capitol Hill is hoping sneakers are the answer to bringing politicians from both sides of the aisle together.

Organized by freshmen members of Congress Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) and Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R-Ore.) in April 2023, the Congressional Sneaker Caucus encompasses a bipartisan group of members and staff dedicated to their shared love of sneakers and their impact on American culture and fitness.

According to a statement last year from Rep. Moskowitz, who happens to be a Nike Air Jordan enthusiast, the caucus will offer a way for its members and staff to find common ground and foster bipartisan cooperation in Congress.

“The sneakers I wear across the Capitol represent a pathway back to my childhood and a connection to the next generation,” Moskowitz said. “They routinely are a starting point for conversation with my colleagues. That’s exactly why I launched this caucus — to use sneakers to promote social interaction between members of Congress, their staff and visitors to the capital.”

Rep. Chavez-DeRemer added in a statement that she is “excited to join” Moskowitz to launch the bipartisan effort. “From expressing style to demonstrating athleticism and innovation, sneakers are a fun part of our culture,” Chavez-DeRemer said. “It will be a light-hearted way to build relationships with other members of Congress and our constituents.”

The Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA) is also on board with the effort. FDRA CEO Matt Priest said in a statement that the organization “applauds” representatives Moskowitz and Chavez-DeRemer for founding the Sneaker Caucus, citing shoes as an item that “impact every single American individual and family” no matter their background.

“There are so many things that seem to divide us as a country right now, but sneakers bring people together,” added Priest. “We look forward to working with the Sneaker Caucus as it highlights the love of sneakers shared by so many Americans.”

Moskowitz first hinted at the idea of a Sneaker Caucus on social media earlier this year. On Jan. 5, he posted a photo of his Jordans on Twitter with the caption: “Thinking of starting the sneaker caucus.”

Last June, the Congressmen took the idea of the Sneaker Caucus one step further with the first-ever sneaker day on Capitol Hill. The event was hosted by the Congressional Sneaker Caucus along with the FDRA.

The event included a step-and-repeat banner outside of Moskowitz’s office as well as a sneaker contest to award the best styles. Staff members also joined together for a large group photo to showcase their kicks.

The second annual sneaker day with a roundtable discussion with Dr. D’Wayne Edwards is planned for June 12, 2024.

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