Two weeks for DAP to respond to RoS

Arfa Yunus and Nur Aqidah Azizi

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP has 14 days to respond to the official letter sent by the Registar of Societies (RoS), said its director-general Datuk Mohammad Razin Abdullah.

The letter, which instructs DAP to hold fresh election for its central executive committee (CEC), was sent to the party this morning (Monday).

"Yes it was sent this morning. The RoS has given the DAP 14 days to respond to our letter.

"However, RoS did not give a deadline as to when the party should hold its re-election,” he said when contacted.

In 2013, the RoS had ordered a re-election of DAP’s CEC after it found irregularities and manipulation of votes by the party in its initial election in December 2012.

After the re-election, there were claims by some party members that they were denied the right to attend the party congress as delegates.

In a statement earlier this month, Razin instructed DAP to hold a re-election of the party’s CEC, saying that it is necessary as the election of CEC members and key positions via a re-election on Sept 29, 2013 was deemed unlawful.