Tyreek Hill

Fearless Forecast: 1309 TOTAL YDS, 81 REC, 7 TD
Projected Rank: 9

Video transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Fantasy managers often get nervous when a star receiver changes teams. That's the story with Tyreek Hill. I know he's wide receiver nine on my board. Probably not going to draft into him as that. He's a yellow light pick for me. Not sure how good Tua is. I think Miami wants to win on defense and balanced offense. Jaylen Waddle is a mouth to feed in this offense.

I can't shake the gut feeling that Tyreek Hill is going to wish he was back in Kansas City maybe five or six weeks into this season. Still projecting 81 catches, still projecting 1,309 yards and seven touchdowns. Those are good stats but probably not commensurate with where he's going to be drafted. He's a little bit of an ADP slippery slope entering the 2022 draft season. Be careful with Tyreek Hill.

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