U.S. to announce new military aid for Ukraine amid American weapons ‘turning the war’ at the battlefield

The United States of America
The United States of America

The United States is set to announce new military aid for Ukraine in the coming weeks, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan reported.

"You can expect an announcement on further capabilities being provided to Ukraine in the next few weeks," Sullivan said.

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While the U.S. will not send troops, advisors, or instructors to Ukraine, American weapons are significantly improving the situation on the battlefield.

"We do not plan to send soldiers, military advisors, or instructors to train Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine," Sullivan said during a briefing.

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American weapons supplied to Ukraine are making a substantial difference in a situation that has been deteriorating for Kyiv, Sullivan noted, adding that Ukraine had found itself "in dire straits" due to delays in receiving U.S. assistance.

"They (Ukrainians) are making their way out of troubles now," Sullivan said, and expressed Washington hopes that ultimately, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not only be able to defend their positions but also to launch a counteroffensive.

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President Joe Biden authorized Ukraine to carry out limited strikes on Russian territory using American-made weapons after being pressured by his advisors and key allies, The New York Times reported on May 31.

The White House allowed Ukraine to use American weapons to target Russian territory, Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed on the same day.

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