U.S. Congress to finally get around to passing Ukraine aid bill – US intelligence committee chair

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, has promised to put the question of aid allocation to Ukraine to a vote after the Easter vacation, House Intelligence Committee chairperson, Representative Mike Turner (R-Ohio), reported.

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" The speaker has made it clear that he supports Ukraine, directly to Zelenskyy,” Turner said.

“The speaker has made very clear statements that when we get back, it's the next top agenda item. After just passing all the bills that fund the federal government, I believe this is going to have overwhelming support in Congress, and we're going to put a bill on the President's desk.”

Turner mentioned others that have weighed in on the critical importance of passing the Ukraine aid bill months after Senate colleagues did the same.

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“The CIA Director and Defense Secretary made it clear to Congress that we are at a critical stage, which is beginning to impact not only morale of the Ukrainians that are fighting, but also their ability to fight’,” he said.

"Putin knows this. This is obviously an area where we cannot allow Putin to win. Our European allies are saying that Putin's goal is a war beyond Ukraine with Europe. We need to stop him in Ukraine.”

The U.S. House of Representatives returns from Easter holidays on April 9.

Turner expressed hope that Congress could approve aid to Ukraine before the House of Representatives goes on holiday again on April 22.

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