U.S. stands firm on Ukraine's victory and Russia's defeat — State Department

U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller
U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller

The United States is unequivocally committed to Ukraine winning and Russia losing the war, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller clarified during a press briefing on May 20.

Miller's comments came from a reporter who seemed to misquote comments Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made to Reuters during an interview that the U.S. is afraid and unwilling to see Russia defeated.

"The statement came from the Ukraine president?", Miller asked the journalist.

"I don’t believe I saw that statement."

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"There are two parties in this conflict: one is Russia; the other is Ukraine," he said.

"We fundamentally want to see Ukraine win this war and have made that clear, including, I think, by providing them with billions of dollars in security assistance.”

“You have also seen the Secretary make an entire speech about the strategic failure that Russia has brought on itself by launching this conflict. So, I’m not sure what that (reporter's question - ed.) refers to."

The reporter's question likely referred to an interview Zelenskyy gave to Reuters, published on May 20.

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Zelenskyy expressed a desire for more direct involvement from Ukraine's partners in the war, noting their reluctance to confront Russia directly, calling it a "matter of will."

When asked if Miller's response meant that the U.S. explicitly wants Russia to lose, Miller explained that Ukraine's victory inherently means Russia's defeat.

"We want to see – look, so we would rather see Russia just end of war," he said.

"So, I think we’re – I’m not sure how we got into this semantic argument about this."

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“I think our position on who we want to see win this war and who we want to see lose it has been pretty clear for more than two years now."

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