The U.S. will give Ukraine more powerful long-range weapons by Summer 2024 - Nuland

Ukrainian Armed Forces
Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukraine will introduce new long-range weapons to the front this summer to ensure it is in a position of strength should it need to negotiate, said former U.S. Deputy State Secretary, Victoria Nuland, Russian opposition media Meduza reported on May 11.

The USA has provided significant military and economic support to Kyiv over the last three years, she said.

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Nuland noted the creation of special funds to restore critical infrastructure to ensure the country's energy stability and the provision of humanitarian aid.

"Our special representatives, including Penny Pritzker, are working to rebuild Ukrainian cities so people can return home and revive exports," Nuland said.

Despite the efforts of the U.S. and its allies, "Putin is doing more and more damage," she said.

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"According to some estimates, up to a thousand Russian soldiers die at the front every day in order to advance a few kilometers and occupy a few villages," she said.

"So, Ukraine's needs are growing, but I am sure that we will continue to provide it with support, including the supply of new, longer-range types of weapons that you will already see in action on the front this summer."

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