UAVs hit two gas stations in Russia's Oryol Oblast, causing blaze at oil depot - 7 explosions heard

Consequences of the UAV attack in the city of Livny, Oryol Oblast, Russia on May 27
Consequences of the UAV attack in the city of Livny, Oryol Oblast, Russia on May 27

An oil depot in Russia's Livny, Oryol Oblast was set ablaze after drones attacked two gas stations in the city, Russia's Astra Telegram channel claimed.

Seven explosions were heard, locals claimed.

The drones damaged two stations located 250 meters from each other: the Rosneft gas station and the Nord Gas gas station.

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Both stations are located near the Livny oil depot, which was set ablaze in the attack, locals claimed.

One UAV "fell" near the gas station,  Oryol Oblast governor, Andrey Klychkov, claimed.

"Part of the facade of the building was damaged, operatives and city administration employees immediately arrived to locate and eliminate the consequences," he claimed on Telegram.

"At the time of their work, another UAV fell on the territory of the gas station."

<span class="copyright">Astra/Telegram</span>
<span class="copyright">Astra/Telegram</span>

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One employee of the local fire department allegedly died as a result of the UAV attack, and three others were injured, he claimed.

At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry alleged the successful "destruction" and "interception" of six UAVs over Oryol Oblast.

One drone was neutralized over Bryansk Oblast, another over  Belgorod Oblast, and four UAVs over Krasnodar Oblast, the Russian Defense Ministry also alleged.

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