Uber now lets drivers know if a passenger is coming with their pet

Pet owners can now request an Uber for them and their pooch

Uber has launched uberPet, a ride option that connects pet owners looking for a lift with drivers comfortable with having an animal in their car.

For both drivers and passengers alike, ride-hailing could get hairy when pet owners needed to bring their dog across the city with them. Drivers could have allergies, may not want to clean up after any shedded hair, or simply might not like animals. To offer each party some peace of mind, Uber launched a pet-friendly ride option Wednesday that connects people and their pet with an animal-welcoming driver.

Those who are comfortable having a household animal in their car can opt in to uberPet; the resulting fare for individuals requesting this type of ride will be the same as if the ride were an uberX, except that each trip will cost an extra few dollars. If drivers would rather not transport animals, they can opt out of the service.

This ride option will launch in the US October 16 as a test in select cities including Austin, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay.