Uggli Muffins, quoted “best muffins in SG”, releases “pay what you like” gratitude promotion

Have you done something good today? If you haven’t, grab a muffin at Uggli Muffins, because the owner started a “pay what you like” promotion, which is only available at the newly-opened Jalan Besar outlet for a limited period only.

Uggli Muffins 4

This initiative started with the intention of helping someone in need, especially with the increment of prices in every other stall now.

You might be thinking.. what does that mean? The “pay what you like” promotion literally means just that— you can pay however much you feel like paying for an Uggli Baby Muffin! Whether you feel like paying S$10 or S$0.10, you’ll still get your muffin. A good cause like this is quite a rare initiative in Singapore, or at least rarely seen before.

This started out in Jan 2023 as an act of gratitude to healthcare workers. Encouraged to spread their love through home bakes, they wanted their bakes to be “available to all of you”.

Uggli Muffins 10
Uggli Muffins 10

In 1969, Uggli Muffin started out from a humble beginning as a tze char hawker called Bliss Haven Restaurant. In 2006, the owner then ventured into making baked goods. From pineapple tarts to fruit cakes, to fruit popsicles, they specifically specialise in their delicious crispy muffins that are terribly ugly. Not that we are food shaming though!

Their Toa Payoh outlet still hangs a store header of its old store name, though it has now rebranded into Uggli Muffins.

Uggli Muffins 2
Uggli Muffins 03 Feature Image
Uggli Muffins 03 Feature Image

Like how your friend would warn you to not judge a book by its cover when you’re dating someone new, that quote is applicable to these muffins as well.

As amateurish as it looks, a bite in and you’re come to realise how flavourful it is. Their toppings are generously affixed to the muffin top, embedded in the flesh of the muffins. Ranging from your typical spread of dessert offerings, you’ll be able to get the Baby Oreo Muffin, Baby Chocolate Muffin and the Baby Raisin and Orange Peel Muffin. The range of flavours vary much more than that, so go down to choose on your own.

Once you open your box of muffins, you’ll realise that some of them might have mild chars, but the burnt ends are not overpowering at all and in fact it gives a bit of crisp to it! Like a cookie.

I think it’s admirable how the owner retains his optimism through it all. His muffins are the perfect symbol of the saying “perfect imperfection”, as if speaking to us to lend a helping hand, even if someone looks like they are having it easy.

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