UK couple accidentally sends cardboard box with RM80,900 for recycling

Tan Mei Zi
The duo accidentally disposed of the hidden bounty alongside other items for recycling. — Reuters file pic

PETALING JAYA, Dec 30 — An English couple had no idea how much money they were parting with when they made a routine drop-off at their neighbourhood recycling centre.

The Avon and Somerset Police Facebook page shared the story of how the duo was eventually reunited with £15,000 (RM80,900) they had unknowingly left inside a cardboard box after workers at the depot discovered the hoard and phoned the police.

“The staff members had been looking for an electrical cable at the time when they noticed the box, which was tucked away inside another box containing a household item, and were surprised at what they found inside.

“Site CCTV was checked and the person who dumped the box was identified,” read the statement.

Police then traced the license plate of the individual’s car to a house in Burnham-on-Sea where they managed to speak to the couple.

They explained that they had been clearing a house that previously belonged to a deceased relative and had stopped by a recycling centre on their way home to drop off some items.

Police added that the couple was shocked when they discovered how much money their late family member had been hoarding at home.

“Despite the fact they mentioned that the relative was known to hide money around the house in unusual places, they were aghast to hear the details of the find £15,000 in cash.”

The authorities extended thanks to the depot’s staff who showed “diligent attitude, integrity, and assistance” in ensuring the cash pile found its way back to its rightful owner.

Facebook users also joined in to commend the workers for resisting the temptation to pocket the money for themselves.

“What a lovely story proving that there are still good people around. Recycling staff are often ignored and do a wonderful job,” said Cathy Monaghan.

“Wow! That's one heck of a five-star review for that recycling centre,” wrote Jayne Monie.

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