UK Model Who Refused Covid Jab Urges Everyone To Take Vaccine After Nearly Dying

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A model, who refused to get the coronavirus vaccine, has revealed that she contracted Covid-19, and her condition deteriorated to such a degree that she nearly died twice. Holly McGuire (43), a former page 3 girl who backed the anti-vax movement, had tested positive for the virus on July 10. She admitted that the virus hit her “like a truck” and she was put into an induced coma as she stood just a 15% chance of survival after contracting the virus.

McGuire, originally from Grays in Essex, now lives in Marbella, Spain. Not long ago, she had refused to take the jab, but now, she urges others to get inoculated against Covid-19. She spent nearly six weeks fighting for her life in a Spanish hospital after contracting the virus. She was in a coma for two weeks. She also spent 10 days isolated at her home.

McGuire appeared in the TV series 'Footballers Wives' in 2006. According to The Mirror, she battled double pneumonia and her lung collapsed when she was in the hospital. She faced breathing difficulties caused by the coronavirus. After a successful recovery, she said that she felt grateful to be still alive.

Now, McGuire asks everyone to "ignore the nonsense some people are spouting, get jabbed."

She said that her friends were anti-vaxxers who campaigned against vaccination. Under her friends' influence, she, too, jumped onto the anti-vaccine campaign, but now she regrets it.

"I was an anti-vaxxer, I was ­unvaccinated. Now I can honestly tell people Covid is real. This can happen to anyone – including you. I caught Covid, it hit me like a truck and I nearly died twice," she said.

Asking others to take vaccine shots, McGuire said, "It could save your life. Never take life for granted."

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