UK PM would 'defend Rwanda policy'' to Prince Charles

STORY: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Rwanda for a meeting of Commonwealth leaders on Thursday (June 23).

And regarding his government's controversial scheme to send asylum seekers to the East African country, he says he's ready to defend it - even to Prince Charles.

The heir to the British throne has, according to media reports, described the plan as "appalling".

"I think that people need to keep an open mind about the policy, those, the critics need to keep an open mind to it. I think a lot of people can see its obvious merits and yes of course if I’m seeing the prince tomorrow I’m, of course I’m going to make that point”

JOURNALIST: “You will defend it if he raises it?”

“Yeah I mean it hasn’t come up so far, but of course.”

The UK government says the $148m deal struck with Rwanda will stem the dangerous trips migrants take to Britain in rickety boats, and will smash people-smuggling networks.

Critics, including charities and religious leaders, say it is "inhumane".

The first flight under the scheme was halted last week by the European Court of Human Rights.

Prince Charles's office, Clarence House, has previously said it would give no response to the "supposed anonymous private conservations".

It declined to comment on Johnson's remark and has said the prince remains politically neutral and that policy is a matter for the government.

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