UK School Draws Flak for Not Allowing Menstruating Girls to Use Toilet During Lecture

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Bulwell Academy, a school in Nottingham, England, has been branded “a military academy” for not allowing students to go to the toilet during lectures.

According to a Daily Star report, many parents said that the school is asking them to provide a doctor’s note to allow their girls to use the toilet during classes if they are on their period.

A mother was reportedly asked by the school authorities in a meeting to provide a doctor’s note so that her daughter could get a “dispensation pass” to use the restroom between lessons. The move has triggered anger among parents, and it impacts especially menstruating girl students.

The mother, who wishes to be unidentified, stated that her 14-year-old daughter had been issued a warning by the staff for using the toilet during classes. The mother further said that her daughter is 10 years old and she suffers from heavy periods hence the need for a bathroom break is mandatory.

The move has been branded as “degrading” and “humiliating for the girls.” The mother explains that even doctors are expressing their dislike over the scheme. As per reports, recent changes have been made to the rule for those on periods.

The policy has also been criticized by another parent, Christine Rae, 52. She said that she paid £30 for the letter and she doesn’t like the way they are treating children, it’s not right.

Speaking against the school policy, the representative for Bulwell on Nottingham City Council for Labour and Councillor Ethan Radford branded it “unrealistic” and need to be reconsidered.

The school principal, Brad Nash said, “In January 2021, a new behaviour strategy was introduced focusing on 100% disruption-free lessons, and our classrooms have become more focused and it has also improved student academic outcomes. We encourage students to visit the toilet during breaks and lunch and understand that some will need to be excused during lessons. We have also contacted the GP to challenge the charge for a medical exemption letter.”

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