UK voters ‘spat in Europe’s face’ by choosing Brexit, says Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has suggested that people who voted Brexit ‘spat’ in the face of the European Union.

The 91-year-old naturalist said that people who backed Brexit didn’t know what they were voting for.

In an interview with Greenpeace’s Unearthed website, the BBC presenter said: ‘I’m not an economist… but philosophically I would rather the people embrace one another than spat in one another’s face.’

Sir David Attenborough has criticised Brexiteers (Picture: PA)

Sir David also criticised Conservative politician Michael Gove and his infamous comment during the EU referendum campaign that the public had ‘had enough of experts’.

The TV presenter said: ‘That’s a cry from somebody who doesn’t understand what they’re saying – that’s what that means.


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‘That’s when someone has told them something which they don’t like, and which they probably don’t understand.’

He also criticised former prime minister David Cameron for holding the Brexit vote in the first place.

‘The decision to call a referendum was an abrogation of parliamentary democracy in my view because we didn’t know the facts,’ he said. ‘We weren’t presented with the facts.’

Sir David, pictured here with the Queen, believes the Brexit facts weren’t presented before the vote (Picture: PA)

However, Sir David said the behaviour of Brexiteers is ‘not evil’.

His highly anticipated nature show, Blue Planet II, will be broadcast on the BBC next month.

He also told Greenpeace he was usually reluctant to talk about politics.

‘Why am I going on about this?’ he said. ‘I’m not a political chap; I know about bugs.’