UK weather: Heatwave continues across southeast England, with milder temperatures in north and Scotland

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The scorching heatwave is set to continue across southeast England, while northern parts of the UK experience milder temperatures.

There could be a significant 20C difference between parts of Scotland and southeast England, according to the Met Office.

The heatwave has the potential to be be exceptionally hot and long-lasting — unlike last Friday’s one-day high of 37C, the sweltering weather is set to continue throughout the weekend and into the start of next week.

However, Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England will see considerably cooler temperatures, with temperatures falling to as low as 6C in parts of Scotland. Following overnight showers in some parts of the country, clear skies are expected across much of the UK on Saturday.

Wales, central and southern England should prepare for another scorching day. The maximum temperature expected today is 35C, slightly lower than yesterday due to cloud cover in parts of central and southern England, while the northwest should see the best of the day’s sunshine despite lower temperatures.

Despite temperatures in the single digits in some parts of northern Scotland, average temperatures should linger around a balmy 22C.

The heat will continue overnight, with Saturday night expected to be another close one, though showers are likely across the southeast.

Sunday promises to be another mostly dry day across most of the country, with some possibility of showers in parts of central and northeast England. Cloudy skies are expected early on Sunday morning in parts of northeast England, but should clear as the day goes on. The best of the sunshine is expected to be in the northwest.

Sunny skies could across the southern parts of the country, with some cloud cover expected in western England. Once again, temperatures are expected to hover around average for most of the country, while the southeast basks in low to mid-30C warmth.

Sunday’s maximum temperature is expected to be 35C and is most likely to be in the London area.

The heat will extend beyond the south from Monday. While the southeast can expect to start the week with another exceptionally hot day, the rest of the UK should have a pleasantly warm summer’s day.

However, the heat is likely to boil over at the start of the week, resulting in severe thunderstorms. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings across the whole of the UK on Monday and Tuesday, with showers and storms expected before dawn on Monday.

Details remain uncertain about the locations of storms and the Met Office added that it may issue another warning for Wednesday.

The Met Office has advised people to stay cool in the sweltering heat, and watch out for vulnerable people who may experience the temperatures more intensely. Everyone is advised to wear sun-cream and drink plenty of water.

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