Ukraine changes spokesperson for Southern Defense Forces after media appelal to Armed Forces

Dmytro Pletenchuk
Dmytro Pletenchuk

Spokesman for Ukrainian Navy Captain Dmytro Pletenchuk was appointed as head of Joint Coordination Press Center of Southern Defense Forces, he said in an interview for Ukrinform on April 22.

He will officially start performing his duties today.

Pletenchuk replaced recently dismissed Natalia Humeniuk.

Pletenchuk has been spokesman for Ukrainian Navy since May 2023. Prior to that, he worked as head of press service of Hrim tactical group (Kherson), and from February to November 2022, he was press officer of Mykolaiv Regional Military Command.

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Press center of Southern Defense Forces shuffle

Almost hundred journalists and media representatives appealed to military leadership to replace head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of Southern Defense Forces, Colonel Natalia Humenyuk, because of "ban on covering Russian war crimes in her area of responsibility," on April 16.

Journalists noted that they were denied entry to Kherson Oblast on day of Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion. They added that "world media was flooded with references to testimony of Russian 'military correspondents', because there was almost no information from free press."

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Humeniuk said that media statement "presented facts without any evidence," on April 17. She justified her actions with following words:

"We are working to ensure that operation and the security of operation were preserved."

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the dismissal of Humeniuk and selection of a specialist for her position of spokesperson for Southern Defense Forces on April 19.

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