Ukraine counts over 1,200 Russian military casualties in a single day - General Staff

A man near destroyed Russian equipment in Kyiv
A man near destroyed Russian equipment in Kyiv

In a single day, the Russian military experienced substantial losses in Ukraine, with 1,250 soldiers reported killed, raising their casualty total to approximately 468,720 since the onset of the full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian General Staff announced on Facebook on April 30.

The reported losses also include significant military hardware:

  • Tanks: 7,307 (+22)

  • Armored combat vehicles: 14,046 (+39)

  • Artillery systems: 12,011 (+26)

  • Multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS): 1,053 (+2)

  • Air defense systems: 779 (+1)

  • Aircraft: 348

  • Helicopters: 325

  • Operational and tactical level UAVs: 9,531 (+3)

  • Cruise missiles: 2,126 (+2)

  • Ships/boats: 26

  • Submarines: 1

  • Motor vehicles and tank trucks: 16,142 (+33)

  • Special equipment: 1,977 (+3).

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Russian losses in war against Ukraine

Spokesperson for General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andriy Kovalev, explained that total losses of Russians, published by General Staff, consist of two main indicators of losses suffered by enemy on. Namely, irrecoverable losses and combat sanitary losses of enemy.

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In February, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Russian losses amounted 180.000 killed and up to 500.000 wounded.

Nazar Voloshyn, spokesman for Khortytsia Operational and Strategic Troop Grouping, said that 85% of Russian losses are conducted in the eastern direction on April 25. This applies both to personnel and equipment.

British Secretary of State for the Armed Forces Leo Doherty said on April 27, that, according to British estimates, Russian troops lost about 450.000 people in Ukraine in killed and wounded since the start of full-scale invasion.

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