Ukraine inks bilateral security agreement with Norway

Zelenskyy signed three security agreements on May 31
Zelenskyy signed three security agreements on May 31

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a bilateral security agreement with Norway in Sweden on May 31, as announced at a press conference during the third Ukraine-Northern Europe summit.

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“We already have five signed agreements with the Nordic countries," Zelenskyy said.

Agreements were signed with Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, in addition to earlier agreements with Denmark and Finland.

The total amount of military assistance under these five agreements will be EUR 6 billion ($6.5 billion), he added.

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Norway will provide Ukraine with at least 13.5 billion Norwegian kroner ($1.3 billion) in military aid under the agreement, the Presidential Office said. Norway will help Ukraine develop combat aircraft capabilities and has shown readiness to transfer F-16 fighters. The country will also assist in enhancing Ukraine's naval capabilities, continue providing NASAMS systems, and train specialists.

Norway is the 15th country to sign a security guarantee agreement with Ukraine.

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Zelenskyy announced his visit to Sweden on May 31 and the signing of three bilateral security agreements, as well as his participation in the Ukraine-Northern Europe summit.

Ukraine previously concluded 12 bilateral security agreements with the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal.

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