Ukraine to replace senior military commander by winter — report

Ukrainian soldiers at the front
Ukrainian soldiers at the front

At least one government minister and a general responsible for Kyiv’s lackluster counteroffensive will be dismissed in Ukraine ahead of winter, Time magazine said in its Oct. 30 lead story on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The article suggests that serious changes in Ukraine's military strategy and "major reshuffles" within the president's team should be expected by winter. Specifically, the need has arisen to dismiss a high-ranking general of the Ukrainian army for "slow progress" on the battlefield.

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According to Time's source in the President’s Office, Ukrainian troops "are not moving forward." Some commanders on the front have even begun to refuse orders for an offensive, even when they come directly from the Presidential Office, the author asserts.

"They just want to sit in the trenches and hold the defense; but we cannot win the war this way," the source tells the magazine.

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The recent dismissal of Oleksii Reznikov as Defense Minister in the wake of corruption scandals in his ministry did not instill "any fear" in the officials, he adds, because the “cleanup” in the department took too much time.

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The piece also states that "in recent months, the issue of corruption has strained relations between Zelenskyy and many of his allies."

On Oct. 2, Western media reported that the White House is much more concerned about corruption in Ukraine than it publicly admits to.

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