Ukraine war mustn't stop climate fight - Kerry

STORY: "There has to be a resupply to Europe of gas that has been lost in the cut-off from Russia," he said in Davos, Switzerland.

For the long-term, however, he warned: "No one should believe that the crisis of Ukraine is an excuse to suddenly build out the old kind of infrastructure that we had ... we have to be much smarter than that given the stakes."

Soaring energy prices have stoked multi-decade high inflation in some countries and recession fears as sanctions against key oil and gas producer Russia have tightened supply.

"If we make the right choices here, we can win all of these battles: we can do what we need to do with respect to Ukraine, we can do what we need to do with respect to the climate crisis," Kerry said.

"We cannot be seduced into believing that this suddenly is an open door to going back and doing what we were doing which created the crisis in the first place".

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