Ukraine's energy system faces challenges ahead, says Oleksandr Kharchenko

Kharkiv during a blackout in March 2024
Kharkiv during a blackout in March 2024

Oleksandr Kharchenko, director of the Energy Research Center, discussed on Radio NV how the situation in the energy system may develop in the coming years and how many hours Ukrainians might be without electricity.

Oleksandr Kharchenko

Director of the Energy Industry Research Center

"July will be very difficult due to the repair of nuclear power units," Oleksandr Kharchenko, director of the Energy Research Center, said on Radio NV. "It will practically be a dress rehearsal for winter in terms of the state of the energy system and maximum consumption. By the third decade of August, the situation should become more comfortable, and September-October will be more manageable."

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"In November, we will enter winter, and a lot will depend on how effectively we can protect the energy facilities (particularly with air defense) that are being restored. If we can protect these facilities, and the repairs continue around the clock and as actively as possible, the winter scenario will be more or less comfortable. There will be restrictions, but they will average four to six hours a day across the country. If we fail to protect these facilities and the situation deteriorates, we could face 10-12 hours without electricity each day."

"A slightly easier summer awaits us next year, as part of the generation currently under installation and procurement will be operational. However, the impact of repeated attacks on large hydro generation remains unpredictable."

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"I hope that by the winter of 2026-2027, with additional gas-burning generation installed, the situation will be more comfortable, and we won't need to limit consumers for more than four to six hours."

"It is very difficult to predict beyond that, as there are too many scenarios for the development of future events," Kharchenko added.

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