Ukrainian Air Force has strategies to counter Russian UMPB D-30 bombs

Ілля Євлаш
Ілля Євлаш

Ukraine can counteract the new Russian UMPB D-30 bombs by destroying the bomb carrier — either an aircraft or a launcher, Ukraine's Air Force spokesperson Illya Yevlash said on national television on March 30.

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"Countermeasures against these bombs exist," Yevlash said.

"However, it's important to address the carrier. This will be the most effective in this situation."

Russians deploy guided munitions from Su-class aircraft, he said

Despite Russia's reluctance to fly closer to the front line after the destruction of several such aircraft, the threat persists.

"To effectively thwart such threats, we must deploy more Western-type air defense systems," he said, noting Ukraine's current inability to manufacture such systems domestically.

Russia has reportedly begun utilizing upgraded air bombs UMPB D-30 to target Ukraine. The U.S.-based think tank Institute for the Study of War reported that the UMPB D-30SN air bombs boast capabilities similar to cruise missiles.

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