Ukrainian forces destroy Russian pilot boat near Kerch bridge

Project 1459 pilot boat (illustrative photo)
Project 1459 pilot boat (illustrative photo)

The Russian pilot boat Mechta (Dream) sank after an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in temporarily occupied Crimea on May 30, according to the Russian Astra Telegram channel.

Debris from a downed missile damaged the boat at the Kerch ferry crossing, causing it to sink. However, all crew members managed to leave the sinking ship safely.

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The Mechta, manufactured in 1985 at the Pella plant in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), is a steel single-deck vessel with a bow ledge, a single deck wheelhouse, and aft diesel engines. It is used to transport pilots to and from ships navigating to and from ports.

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Explosions were heard in temporarily occupied Kerch on the night of May 30, near the Crimean bridge. The so-called occupation “authorities” claimed that both a road and rail ferry were damaged. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the “destruction” of eight ATACMS missiles, eight UAVs, and two marine drones.

NV's intelligence sources reported that Ukraine's HUR attacked two Russian Tuna project boats in Crimea that night. Later, HUR officially confirmed the destruction of Russian boats by Ukrainian Magura V5 maritime drones.

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