Ukrainian General names essential steps to prepare Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive in 2025

Ukrainian soldier on a Marder infantry fighting vehicle near frontline in Donetsk Oblast
Ukrainian soldier on a Marder infantry fighting vehicle near frontline in Donetsk Oblast

Maj. Gen. Serhiy Kryvonos, of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, detailed the upcoming steps to reignite Kyiv’s counteroffensive in a recent interview with Radio NV on May 10.

“This is not a task for the Armed Forces, but for the current government to resolve a set of issues in several areas,” he said.

The first area is the preparation of a mobilization resource, where “citizens must receive initial training even before going to Territorial Recruitment Centers.”

The second issue is the transition of the economy to effectively function in martial law, with a mobilization plan and tasks for enterprises to produce products to meet the needs of the Armed Forces.

“We need to increase the amount of state investment in the Ukrainian economy. Because this money is even returned in the form of taxes. Unfortunately, this is not the case yet. We buy a lot of what we can produce abroad, because someone has to get kickbacks from it.”

The third area is the fortification of territories, with a focus on revising management and leadership in this process.

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“When I hear the name of Tymoshenko (former deputy head of the Presidential Administration Kyrylo Tymoshenko), who is in charge of these processes, I start to get tense for some reason, I realize that there can be no success in this area. As the experience of recent weeks shows, there are many questions about the fortifications,” Kryvonos said.

On May 4, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that Kyiv was poised to initiate a new counteroffensive in 2025, bolstered by over $60 billion in military aid from the United States, aimed at thwarting Russia’s further territorial advancements.

Earlier, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul said that Ukraine would be able to initiate new counteroffensive actions on the front no earlier than fall 2025.

Ukraine’s new counteroffensive

If the situation on the battlefield is stabilized, Ukraine would be able to arm and train new brigades in the rear to launch a new counteroffensive this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier in an interview with The Washington Post.

Zelenskyy said later in an interview with German newspaper Bild that Ukraine has a plan for a counteroffensive, but that it needs weapons, including from the United States. He admitted that Russia has more manpower and weapons, but expressed optimism that Ukraine could gain an advantage due to the quality of its weapons.

The Ukrainian military currently has only enough artillery munitions for defensive actions, he added.

Ground Forces Commander Oleksandr Pavliuk also spoke about plans for a counteroffensive after the situation at the front stabilizes.

Zelenskyy said on April 9 that Ukraine’s next counteroffensive against Russian invasion forces would be more successful than its previous attempt, as the previous one was “sabotaged from within.”

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