Ukrainian Ground Forces launch recruiting hub for drone operators

Recruitment center
Recruitment center

A recruiting center for staffing military units and subdivisions of the Ground Forces has been established in Ukraine, the Ground Forces Commander Oleksandr Pavlyuk said on Telegram on May 10

The primary task of the center is to select and staff drone units.

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During the selection process, candidates will have the opportunity to choose the unit in which they want to serve. They will undergo basic military training as well as specialized training at a separate center under the guidance of experienced combat specialists, Pavlyuk said.

The Ground Forces specified that drone operators will be trained in repairing and operating FPV (first-person view) drones, conducting reconnaissance, operating strike UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and more.

Ukrainian army recruitment centers

Ukraine Defense Ministry opened the first recruitment center in Lviv on Feb. 12. Recruiters can provide information on vacancies, offer career counseling, conduct guidance tests, and accompany candidates on their journey to appointment in the army.

Explaining the new recruitment algorithm for joining the Armed Forces on March 14, Ukraine's Defense Ministry outlined four stages:

  • Selection of position and military unit

  • Interview and communication with the military unit

  • Registration in the recruitment center

  • Deployment for military service

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The Defense Ministry launched a recruitment project in the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Nov. 13, 2023, by signing a contract with the recruitment agency, Lobby X. This project allows individuals to choose a specific unit for positions where their civilian experience could be most beneficial. Vacancies are currently listed on websites such as,,,

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