Ukrainian intelligence captures Russian helicopter KA-32 destruction — video

Destruction of a Russian Ka-32 helicopter
Destruction of a Russian Ka-32 helicopter

Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) has unveiled footage showcasing the destruction of a Russian multi-purpose helicopter, the Ka-32, in Moscow. The video was posted on Telegram on April 26.

The airport belongs to the Russian Defense Ministry and is operated jointly with Gazpromavia Aviation Company, a subsidiary of the Russian energy corporation Gazprom, according to HUR.

The destroyed helicopter was utilized by Russia in the interests of the Moscow Aviation Center, specifically to support Russian army operations against Ukraine.

A source from the Ukrainian special services earlier informed NV that HUR destroyed a Russian multi-purpose Ka-32 helicopter located at the Moscow Ostafyevo military airport. The helicopter was used to provide air support for the Russian army, particularly for logistical assistance and evacuation operations, the source said.

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