Ukrainian intelligence targets ruling United Russia party in large-scale cyberattack

United Russia
United Russia

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) carried out a "large-scale cyberattack" on the resources of the Russian ruling United Russia party, Radio Liberty reported on April 26, citing sources in military intelligence.

The party's servers and websites, as well as ER.RU and edinros domains, are currently under attack.

Intelligence officials claim that despite United Russia's statements that "the work of critical digital infrastructure is being maintained," some resources are still down.

United Russia announced a large-scale DDoS attack on the morning of April 26 on all its electronic services. It attributed it to the Victory Dictation campaign scheduled for today.

Cyberattacks on Russian assets

HUR specialists and activists of the BO Team group carried out a series of cyberattacks on Russian facilities over the preceding week, media reported on March 19.

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Cyber specialists gained access to servers, ciphers, and classified documents of the Russian Defense Ministry as a result of a cyber attack on March 4. The HUR noted that the information obtained allows to establish the full structure of the Russian Defense Ministry system and its links.

Ukrainian hackers attacked, Russia’s largest Internet portal, on Feb. 29. All users outside of Russia and some domestic users lost access to their accounts.

HUR cyber experts carried out a hacker attack on Jan. 27., destroying the entire IT infrastructure of IPL Consulting, a company that specialized in the implementation of information systems in Russian industry.

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Ukrainian hackers shut down numerous payment terminals in Russia on Dec. 31, 2023. Evotor, the largest manufacturer of online cash registers in Russia, was down for two days.

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