Ukrainian SBU drones hit Russian $100 million radar system in Crimea — NV sources

Російська РЛС
Російська РЛС

Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) drones targeted Russia's Nebo-SVU very high-frequency multi-functional radar, worth around $100 million, NV sources reported on May 30.

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Situated near Armyansk, Crimea, this radar system monitored a 380 km section of the front, protecting Russian installations in the occupied peninsula.

Following the SBU attack, space reconnaissance assets detected the shutdown of radar emissions from the system, rendering it unobservable, the source said.

The SBU's operation effectively blinded Russian air defense systems over a significant portion of the front.

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The Washington Post, citing sources, reported on May 29 concerns in Washington that Ukraine’s recent drone strikes on Russian early-warning radar stations could potentially damage strategic stability in U.S.-Russian relations. This refers to the strike on May 24 when Ukrainian drones hit a radar station near Armavir in Russia's Krasnodar Krai.

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