Ukrainian sea drone destroys Russian speedboat in Crimea - video

Ukrainian intelligence destroyed Russian speedboat in Crimea
Ukrainian intelligence destroyed Russian speedboat in Crimea

A Russian speedboat in temporarily occupied Crimea was destroyed in a Ukrainian Magura V5 marine drone strike, Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR) reported on Telegram.

The mission in Crimea's Vuzka Bay area was made possible with the assistance of the United24 fundraising platform, HUR noted.

“Fear of Ukrainian attacks forces Russians to keep large Black Sea Fleet ships away from the peninsula,” HUR said.

“Combat operations against Russia's fast maneuverable military vessels illegally present in Ukrainian territorial waters in Crimea continue.”

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Ukraine's Magura V5 marine strike drones also destroyed Russian ships such as the Caesar Kunikov, Ivanovets, Sergey Kotov, Akula, and Serna, and also damaged the Ivan Khurs.

HUR struck a Russian speedboat in the Vuzka Bay in Crimea on the night of May 6, sources earlier informed NV.

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Russian Black Sea Fleet losses

Ukrainian Armed Forces have sunk or disabled one-third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet ships over more than two years of full-scale war.

The Magura V5 marine drones destroyed the patrol ship Sergey Kotov in Ukrainian territorial waters near the Kerch Strait on the night of March 5.

During March, the following Russian ships also suffered damages:

  • Konstantin Olshansky landing ship

  • Ivan Khurs reconaissance ship

  • Yamal and Azov landing ships

Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the Kommuna rescue ship in Sevastopol on April 21.

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