Ukrainian Special Ops take down advanced Russian radar

Russian radar Kasta-2E2
Russian radar Kasta-2E2

The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces destroyed a Russian Kasta-2E2 radar station, with the command releasing the video on June 3.

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The Russian radar station was detected by Special Operations Forces operators during aerial reconnaissance, the statement said.

The command described the Kasta-2E2 radar station as cutting-edge weaponry, aiding in airspace monitoring, coordinate determination, and recognition of aerial targets, including those flying at low altitudes.

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The radar station was radar station was neutralized by one of the latest advancements deployed in the field, the statement said.

The Kasta radar was first discovered in the occupied Luhansk Oblast in 2021.

The Russian army also lost a Nebo-SVU very high-frequency multi-functional radar, worth around $100 million, on May 30.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported on June 3 that in the past day alone, the Russian forces suffered significant losses:

  • 14 tanks

  • 22 armored fighting vehicles

  • 47 artillery systems

  • one MLRS (multiple launch rocket system)

  • three air defense systems

  • 40 tactical UAVs

  • 67 units of automotive equipment and tankers

  • four units of special equipment

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